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Las Vegas web design is what we do. We not only design websites that are beautiful and clean, but we also take into consideration that they must be search engine friendly. The best way to judge our work is to just look at our examples.  Click any screenshot below to be taken to the live website.  Even though we can design websites for any company in any city or state, we prefer to be able to meet in person to discuss your project.  If you are a local Las Vegas business needing website design, contact us and we will arrange a meeting at your location.

Our web design services do not need to be part of an SEO project, but we always consider the latest SEO factors when designing your site.  For example, Google now gives preferential rankings to websites that are “mobile compliant.”  What this means is that your website must display correctly on both a mobile device and a desktop to get the special consideration from Google.  The text must be readable on a small display without needing to enlarge it.  The images and information must display on every device in a way that is clean and functional.  The method used to achieve this goal is “responsive web design,” where we create the structure of the site so that it can re-arrange itself and display important information in the correct places.  The website dynamically changes based upon the device so that the user always has a good experience.  Even if Google rankings aren’t a priority for you, a website that is better for your customers is always a good thing.  This is what is different about us when compared to other web design companies, we design your site to be both beautiful and functional.  After all, if it looks good but nobody can use it, is it really what is best for your business?

Designing websites is different than SEO, and companies that offer SEO as an add-on when designing websites are usually not providing you with anything that is of value. What they are usually referring to is that they will go into the title and description sections and fill them in. They might also fill in the alt-tags on photos, basically giving you a small version of on-site SEO work that will probably not do much for rankings. In any competitive industry, you are going to need ongoing content and links for your website in order to rank, and simply doing a few tidbits of on-page SEO is not going to be enough to get you into the competition. Web design is just the first step at getting noticed, essentially building the car that is going to drive in a race. The car needs to be well built in order to compete, but it isn’t going to win without the best driver and gas you can put into it. This is why our Las Vegas web design process is different than a lot of other companies, because we are designing for SEO purposes first and foremost. Instead of SEO being an afterthought, we design our websites to be the best they can be to develop rankings. As long as we are building a product that is designed to set you apart from the competition, it might as well be built correctly in order to actually show up on search engines. This is why our Las Vegas web design process is going to always use the structures and code elements that are best for SEO, and if you want something that is not good for SEO we are going to make sure you understand that this choice might hurt your rankings in the long run. This is what makes us different from other web design companies.

We design websites in wordpress, because it is easy for you to do your own updates ongoing if you want to. We make sure that the website is on a server that you control, and we make sure that you are fully the owner of all of your assets. Many companies will trick people into a low priced design because the contract actually doesn’t give ownership to the business owner. You are stuck paying for their services forever if you do that, because they actually own your domain and website. The way we work is simple, for a fee we design and launch your website for you, on your server and on your url. We believe that you should own your business assets, not us. We will coach you through the process as much as you need, or we will handle everything for you. The ultimate goal is to get the best working website live for your business, so that SEO can be a powerful process ongoing.

When we design websites for our clients, we will quote a price to you based on the number of pages that your website has, assuming that we will be designing the pages and writing the content on each page. If you provide the content that we can just copy and paste into the site, then we can give you a better price for the design. If we need to create elements for your site, like finding imagery and creating logos, then the price per page will be more than if you supply these things. Las Vegas web design is a collaborative effort with all of us involved, and your site will be better the more you are involved in the process. Contact us for Las Vegas web design today.


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