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Las Vegas social media marketing is the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn to engage with potential customers.  Social media is a place where people openly discuss the things that they like and want with their friends, and presents a huge opportunity for brands to become noticed by them.  The problem is that people feel very personal about their social media profiles, and do not appreciate you shoving your marketing into their conversations.  Social media marketing must be subtle, and must provide value that people recognize without just providing coupons and offers. Social media marketing also impacts SEO.

Many business owners do not understand the use of Las Vegas social media marketing, and how it fits into an overall marketing plan. Focus Internet Services offers social media marketing, social media management, and online reputation management services to our clients.   We fully expand their brand awareness across as many platforms as possible, and communicate the message to as many people as possible. Social media marketing is not for everyone, and does not fit into every marketing plan.  You cannot expect to use Facebook and Twitter to simply push coupons or specials to potential customers, due to the fact that they must volunteer to engage with your brand in order to receive your messages. Think of it as a request by you to market to them, and them asking you “why should I let you do that?” You must figure out an answer that is going to get them to say it is ok for you to talk to them, and if your answer is “we will give you offers and discounts” they will probably say no. The simple truth is that people do not like to be marketed to, specifically in areas that they call personal like their Facebook page. As a result, you must market to them socially, and without being obtrusive. You must keep them engaged with information they like, and mix in a marketing message in a way they will not dislike. This is the strategy of social media marketing. Contact us to arrange Las Vegas social media marketing services.


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