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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process used to push a website higher in search engine rankings. When customers look for products or services in Las Vegas on Google, your website needs to be on the first page for them to call you. Our proven effective SEO process makes this happen.

Web Design

A good looking website is only a piece of the puzzle. If nobody can find your website then it doesn’t do a lot of good for finding new customers. Many web design companies only think about how the site looks, instead of how it performs on search engines or how customers see it. We design websites specifically to rank better or improve conversion rates. Getting the customers to the site is critical, and giving them the information they need to patronize you is just as important.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok and LinkedIn are all critically important to customers finding your business. For many people, social media is their primary way of finding out about the things in their area. We help businesses gain wider exposure and gather more followers on social media. We craft the messages and provide the engagement that you need to communicate directly to your customers.


A Plan For Every Size Business

Small Businesses

Low Competition

  • Check site titles
  • Target up to 4 keywords
  • Check meta descriptions (webpage description)
  • Check image alt tags
  • Check “NAP” name, address, and phone number


Medium Businesses

Your Average Business

  • Check site titles
  • Target up to 8 keywords
  • Check meta descriptions (webpage description)
  • Check image alt tags
  • Check “NAP” name, address, and phone number


Large Businesses

High Competition Industries

  • Check site titles
  • Target up to 15 keywords
  • Check meta descriptions (webpage description)
  • Check image alt tags
  • Check “NAP” name, address, and phone number


Using SEO As A Way To Get New Customers

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that improves the positions of websites on search engines with regards to specific searches. The process starts with the accurate identification of target terms (keywords) that customers use when searching on Google to find businesses like yours. We create a keyword list that is based on a budget, estimating how much time will need to be spent each month working on the optimization efforts for that term in order to push the rankings to page one within a projected time frame. The success of this program will be determined by the competition for that keyterm within the local area. A keyword like “dentist” is far more competitive than a keyword like “concrete contractor” so the amount of work that will be necessary is projected by the amount of competition for that term. We develop a list of terms to target based on your budget and goals, and then perform SEO tasks every month in order to push the positions you have already gained to a higher place. The majority of the SEO work is the creation of content that is posted into your website or on other websites that link back to yours. Some of the work involves code changes to improve website speed or how easy it is for Google to understand the site. We prioritize tasks each month to put the most important and effective practices first and the less effective practices second. This way, we are performing SEO tasks that have the most impact and will accomplish the goals as quickly as possible. SEO takes time, and you can expect at least a few months to be necessary to get to page one, and this number can be significantly higher if your industry is super-competitive. Our SEO process is tried and true, and we do not utilize tactics that will get your site blacklisted, penalized or banned. We understand that business is a building process, and we do our SEO in a way that will keep your website ranking in a good position over time, not just for a few months and then it drops. If you ahve been burned by an SEO company in the past, or believe that SEO will not work for you because someone else failed at it, give us a call and lets talk. It was probably that your old SEO company tried to take the easy road, or didn’t do enough effective work to get you where you needed to be. Effective SEO pays for itself when it starts generating more customers than you are paying for the SEO, and we will work closely with you to make sure this happens.

SEO Questions & Answers

Why Choose Focus Internet Services For Your Online Marketing?

Focus Internet Services is the longest continually operating SEO and online marketing company in Las Vegas. We have been successfully providing digital marketing services to our customers since 2008, when we began working with our first client Absolute Dental. In that project, we identified a confusing layout on their new website (which they paid a design company 7K for) and corrected it. This simple correction moved contact information from a “contact” page up to the front-page, above the fold. Within the first week of implementing this conversion improvement technique, Absolute Dental’s calls requesting appointments improved by more than 40%. From that point, we provided SEO to their website for more than 4 years, improving them from the fifth page of Google to a number-one position for the most popular searches in their category, like “Las Vegas dentist.” This program increased their business continually, allowing them to nearly double their amount of locations. Focus Internet Services continually provided SEO and digital marketing services to Absolute Dental until they were sold.

We have achieved stunning successes in many areas of online marketing, one of the most impressive being the creation of a YouTube marketing program that ultimately generated more than 100 million views and 50K subscribers. This program was launched as an experiment to see the impacts of YouTube views on Google rankings (speculative at the time.) We created a channel and filmed 9 videos on a shoestring, edited and placed these videos on the YouTube channel. After seeding these videos in online communities, they began getting massive amounts of viewership, ultimately proving the theory and pushing rankings to number-one positions for the majority of targeted phrases. The channel went on to become so successful that the client launched their own online skincare line which is sold through the website, sales being pushed through a massive and growing YouTube subscriber base.

Our company specializes in SEO (search engine optimization) as well as social media and website design for SEO. This unique blending of digital marketing skills allows us to use more than a decade of successful experience to assist our clients at successfully utilizing the internet to gain new customers and clients. We continue to have a love and a passion for the internet, and experiment within new mediums to find new audiences.What Is SEO?

SEO or “search engine optimization” is a process by which higher rankings on search engines are achieved relative to specific search phrases which are targeted. This process identifies phrases that would potentially be those that customers use to locate the products and services that a business sells. After these target phrases are identified, a process of manipulating the code and content of a website is undertaken in order to move that website upwards in the rankings closer to a number-one ranking. Studies have shown that the first page of results that Google displays (10 results) provide clickthrough traffic to the websites connected to those listings. These clickthroughs act as potential customers because each of them represents a person who is seeking information on the topic of the products and services that the business sells. Through careful structuring and sales funneling, the presentation of this information exposes these potential customers to the brand, and works the same way traditional marketing would to provide your business as a choice to customers. The cost of search engine optimization marketing is only seen in the fees paid to the SEO company, meaning that the cost is usually the same no matter what the ranking position is. This means that if you achieve a number 2 position generating 1,000 clicks through to your website every month, the same cost for SEO can produce a number-one ranking producing 2,000 clicks per month. This is the value of SEO, that it is not based on the volume of clicks and can produce significantly larger volumes of clicks if successful than other forms of search engine marketing.

Our SEO process and strategy is easy to understand. There are many things that influence rankings, and we prioritize these things each month for our clients, allocating the most time to the things that we know have the largest impact. Code changes to reduce page load times are important, but usually only need to be done one time to make the pages load properly and quickly. This means that we do not need to spend hours of the time you are paying us for every month tweaking these changes seeking ways to shave micro-seconds off the load time. We understand that the biggest benefit comes at the beginning when we create the best structure, and after that point the benefits are minimal. We choose to allocate time to the next most important element of SEO that will provide the most bang for your buck after that, usually moving to creating volumes of content that gets posted to your website or other websites linking back to yours. We create unique and important content for your project that answers customer questions just like you are reading here, ultimately giving Google the understanding that you are the authority on this topic. Using the process of ongoing content creation posted to your site as well as to other sites linking back to yours, we move your rankings up. Each position you move higher means more traffic and more customers. We continually expand the knowledge that is posted to your site, ultimately answering any version of questions that a customer might have, and being presented in top positions for wider varieties of searches. This ongoing process keeps you at the top of results against the competing websites, and also expands the potential customer numbers that can find you.

Our SEO process is designed to work within the Google terms of service in order to make sure your website does not suffer from penalties and delisting that happens if you break the SEO rules. Quick rankings using blackhat techniques may look good when they happen, but can destroy your business when you get caught. Our process is tried and true, and has been working for more than 10 years without generating penalties.Is SEO expensive in 2020?

SEO is only expensive if it does not pay for itself. Successful SEO pushes your website to the top of rankings, and the increased amount of clickthroughs to your website as a result should proportionally increase the amount of customers patronizing your business. Statistics show that the number-one search result usually gets about 50% of all the clickthrough traffic, and the number-two position gets about 25%. This number gets cut in half with every position down the results, so if there are 1,000 searches for a phrase every month the first result would get about 500 clicks to their site. The second result would get around 250, meaning that if it takes about 10 people coming to your website to generate 1 customer, a number-one position gets you 50 new customers every month. The difference between a number-one and number-two can be worth thousands of dollars, depending on how much profit a customer is typically worth to your business. If SEO is done correctly and the website is designed to convert clicks to customers at a high rate, the SEO should more than pay for itself.

SEO is a service, where people are working for you in order to influence an outcome. This means that in competitive industries many times the position you achieve is a result of the amount of work that is done. The majority of SEO is based on content creation, and a good piece of content needs to be well written and unique. It needs to help customers gain knowledge they are seeking, so it needs to be well done to be considered by Google to be the best. If an article posted to your website takes about an hour to research and write 500 words, a professional writer will usually charge about 10 to 25 cents per word to create that content. This means that each piece of content costs the SEO company a minimum of 50 dollars to create, then also take the time to post and interlink within the strategy. By the time everything is done, most SEO companies need to charge a minimum of 100 dollars per hour to make a profit. The amount of content that will be necessary to achieve a good ranking depends on how competitive the search phrase being targeted is. Not producing enough content every month means you will not rise in rankings, and that you are wasting your month. When it comes to clickthroughs, there is no difference between page-two and page-twenty. If you aren’t on the first page it is pointless.

Those who take SEO seriously as a method of gaining new customers for a business will expect to create more than 5 pieces of content every month at a minimum, even for industries with almost no competition. More can be expected for more competitive industries. This is why a typical SEO program from a reputable company will usually cost between 500 and 1,000 dollars per month or more. Good results from that program should generate more in sales and profits than it costs to pay to have the SEO done, ultimately working the same way as all forms of marketing. If it is not well done or is not enough, then you will not rise in rankings and are ultimately wasting your time and money.

Before we take on a new client, we analyze the project to see if the targeted phrases we are looking at can possibly generate enough revenue for the company to pay for the services. We create an open and transparent plan that has client success in mind, and we discuss with them the ways that we can maximize their budget to achieve the goals of a self-sustaining marketing plan. If we thing this cannot be accomplished, we will not take the client. If we think we can achieve success, we enter into an agreement on how much work we will do every month and how much that will cost. Through this process, we have been helping companies use the internet to successfully make money for more than 10 years.How Long Does SEO Take?

SEO is a process that assists websites to move higher in rankings on search engines with respect to a specific phrase that is targeted. This means that a phrase is identified by the SEO company as being a good illustration of the things a potential customer may be searching for, and then that phrase is used within a specific process to move that website higher on Google’s index. The closer to number one the website gets, the more clickthroughs to the website will happen. It is proven that statistically 50% of people using a search engine will click on the first result, 2% on the second, 12% on the third and so on down the list. This is why it is so important for your website to be in the top results for the phrases your customers are using, because a single position higher can double the traffic to your website. SEO is the process of streamlining the code on the website to display information effectively, then creating information to display. The information that is created for that website must answer questions about the topic that the potential customer is asking, showing Google that this website is the best resource for information on that topic. The process keeps going until a number one result is achieved, and then works to maintain that position. It must be assumed that any website that is displaced by yours will get to work quickly to regain the position, which is why SEO work is almost never done.

The SEO process typically is measured as on-track if results have moved up one full page every month the program is adequately working. This means that if you are currently ranking on page six, a first-page result can be expected within about 6 months. If you are on page 10, it may be upwards of a year of work projected to reach the first page. All the numbers are speculative and depend on the specifics of the individual program, but these kinds of estimates can be made to measure progress.How Is SEO Done?

The SEO process in 2020 and 2021 involves a few specific elements. First and foremost should be the creation of a website that is responsive and loads quickly on both desktop and mobile displays. It should also adjust the text and images appropriately in order to be easily understood no matter how small the display. For the mobile layout, the elements that Google has identified as the most important for mobile users should be positioned at the top of the website. These include contact information and phone numbers.

The ongoing SEO process past the point of streamlined code involves the creation of content that is positioned either on the website or on other websites that link back to the site. Information that is presented on the website should provide information to users or answer questions they may have about your area of expertise. Each page of content should be easy to understand and potentially link to more expanded content. Each page should be original, well written and developed, and also be over 500 words long. Content that is posted to other websites linking back should follow the same guidelines, and use appropriate linking words to hotlink back to the target website. This process needs to continue until a higher trust level regarding the expertise of the website is achieved than all competitors. By illustrating expertise on individual topics in the form of questions and answers, the website can achieve higher individual rankings for these niche discussions. Over time, as Google establishes this website as the authority on a topic, there will be higher rankings positions granted to it. These higher positions lead to higher levels of clickthrough traffic from potential customers, and more chances to convert them into actual customers.

This is the tried and true SEO process that we use in 2020 moving into 2021. Each month we analyze the previous progress and adjust the strategy accordingly. Because Google is constantly changing what is important to them, our SEO strategy is never completely fixed and is always adapting to the areas of importance that are currently understood.Will SEO Work For Me?

An effectively designed and funded SEO program will produce results for any type of business. If you have had issues in the past with SEO not producing results, it is probably as a result of the strategy used by the SEO company not being effective, or the SEO program not providing enough work to make a difference. If the industry is competitive and it is estimated that you need 10 hours of work every month to make a difference, then you hire an SEO company that provides 5 hours of work every month, there is a good possibility that you will never see the results you are seeking.  If that SEO company automates the process or goes against the terms of service of Google, you can also not expect that there will be good results over time.

In order for SEO to move your website up in rankings, there must be the continual addition of content to your website in order to prove to Google that you are the authority on that subject. This is the way Google judges websites against each other in order to position them in rankings. They read and digest the content to see if it provides information on a topic or answers a question. They then consider if another website which has posted content on that topic has linked to this website. (To have much impact on rankings, the page that is linked from must also rank for the phrase you are targeting.) Lastly, Google considers how well this website displays the content and provides that information in an easy to access format for users. After all these things are considered, Google makes the determination that this particular website is better than another one at providing this information. Once Google realizes that a website is the source of multiple aspects of quality information on ta topic, then it begins positioning that website higher for generalized searches on that topic. An example would be a dentist in Las Vegas wanting to rank for the phrase “Las Vegas dentist.” In order to accomplish this goal he needs a page within the website that provides better quality information on “Las Vegas dentistry” than all the other websites, and also has other pages within the site that provide good quality information on other aspects of this topic. This is how authority is built, and how SEO can work for you.