Sometimes companies want to do their own SEO work, but they don’t know where to begin. They probably Googled “how to do SEO” or something like it, and are confused by the amount of information that is out there. They are also probably very confused by the amount of SEO information that seems to contradict itself, with one person saying to do one thing and another saying to do something different. Even worse, you may have come across SEO information that is outdated and used to work, but now can generate penalties if you do it. All you really need is a little bit of guidance and strategy to follow. This is where our SEO Consulting service comes in.

“SEO Consulting” is literally booking the services of our resident SEO expert Raymond Santopietro to meet with you in person and analyze your website and current rankings in order to develop a program that your employees can follow. This is not a contract for ongoing SEO work, but instead is a strategy meeting that will draw upon our 12+ years of expertise in order to develop a program specifically for you and your business. The meeting(s) will be in person at your location, where Raymond will meet directly with your team in order to dig into what you need to do in order to develop higher rankings. It is not a “training session” for SEO, as strategies change and develop new aspects all the time. Instead, it is an analysis of the current situation that your business and website is in, where your rankings currently are for specific keywords, development of a targeted keyword list to follow, website cleanup and direction, and outlining of a working SEO program that your team can follow. Raymond will also tackle and answer any questions that you might have, as well as providing advice and direction.

SEO Consulting services are available only in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson and North Las Vegas.

SEO Consulting services are booked as single-day time blocks at $250/hour. There is a three hour minimum per day.

SEO Consulting services will take place at your location, between your team and Raymond Santopietro. Ray is our founder and president, and has more than a decade of SEO and web design experience.

In preparation of the onsite meeting, we will need some information about your company and website, including any current statistics, logins to backends, current SEO programs and past SEO programs. This information being provided in advance will save meeting time and make for a more productive strategy session.

This meeting can also analyze the current effectiveness of an ongoing SEO program by outside SEO companies, if desired.

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