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We are often asked why a business would need to hire an SEO company? Most people think that they can do search engine optimization themselves, and in all honesty they can. Search engine optimization itself is not based upon tricks and techniques that ae designed to manipulate the weaknesses of search engines anymore. Those days are long gone, and with good reason. Remember about ten years ago when you would type pretty much anything into a search engine and a bunch of adult sites would be listed in the results? This was because at that time search engines were very easy to trick due to the algorithms being un-evloved. Back then, if you used a certain word in the text of your site, especially if it was in certain positions, then you would outrank someone else who did not use the word in the correct position or the correct amount of times. There was actually a point where if you just repeated the same word over and over on the page, you would rank number one for that word. As the search engines became more and more a piece of all people’s lives, and the search engines began to make money, they could afford to work on the algorithms that provide relevant results. After about ten years, we are at a place where the tricks really do not work anymore.

Search engine optimization in the modern world is about understanding what exactly search engines are looking for, and providing it to them. Content on your website is now being judged against content on other websites by the search engines in order to determine who should rank higher. Essentially, the website with the best content will outrank the websites with less-good content. This is one of the reasons that SEO services are now based on content production. A good SEO provider now employs specialized writers who understand how to create written pieces that are not only on subject, but are also readable by human beings and search engines alike. This is a very specialized skill, and just because you know how to write does not mean you know how to write for search engine optimization.

Another element of search engine optimization that is manipulated by a good firm is the onsite code and structure of a website. Basically, the old meta-data tricks of keywords and revisits are long gone, and now the code of the website is structured and streamlined to make it load faster, display better, and be more easily understood by a search engine, while still being pleasing to a human visitor who we are looking to convert into a customer. You can’t think too much for the engines, and ignore the actual humans that are visiting your website. The best SEO providers understand this.

Inbound links from high quality websites provide support for the content that is on your website. Not necessarily volumes of inbound links, but lots of inbound links from good websites that are somehow related to your content. There are only a few ways to develop links from other websites, and many of them violate the terms of service of most search engines, so avoid them. Things like paid linking as the only strategy is bad. There are a certain amount of paid links form other sites that are allowable, but if it is coming from a website that blatently discusses that it accepts paid advertising you can bet that Google knows it and will not give much weight to the link as a good website. Signature links in blogs, and blog responses are ok, but are usually designated as “no follow” by the blog, so they are essentially worthless from a SEO standpoint. We want links that are text based, meaning they are using the keyterms or variations of the keyterms we are targeting, and we do not want to reciprocate with a link back off of our website. Reciprocal linking and three way linking is an old school technique that Google figured out a long time ago, it doesn’t work anymore. So the question is, how do you find and build good quality text based, one-way, unpaid links to your content on the website? The answer is hire a good SEO company. We know how to do it in the proportions that will not get your website flagged as an un-natural pattern. Over time, the rankings gradually improve as the link base improves. However, you have to understand that links lose value over time, and must be continually built in order to keep the link base level or growing. If you flood a site with links that grow weaker or disappear completely over time, and you do not replace them with more quality links, you just told Google that you are doing something they do not like. SEO is not a one month deal, link building is a process that must continue over time.

All in all, the best search engine optimization companies understand that while we do not work directly with Google, we work for them. We are simply following the rules they set up, and trying to make our client’s websites be recognized by them as the best in the world. The best will rank the best. Our philosophy as experts in search engine optimization is to do it the hard way, to not try to cheat our way into rankings that possibly could get our client’s websites flagged and penalized. This is why we write our own content and build our own links manually. This is also why we are considered the most effective seo company in the world, because our client’s websites outrank everybody. If you have time to do all this as a business owner, then your priorities are probalby wrong for your business. A business owner who wants to be an SEO or a web designer should go into that business. Honestly, you shouldn’t have time to attempt this stuff yourself because you are just so busy making sales.


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