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The process that is used by the search engine optimization company that you hire is crucial to the long-term growth and health of your business. Many business owners are unaware that the different elements that can cause a website to increase rankings or decrease rankings can be both beneficial and detrimental when you consider short-term increases and long-term rankings. What this means is that an SEO company can cause dramatic increases to happen in your rankings of your website in a short time frame, however these techniques can cause devastating effects long-term. This is due to the fact that Google is continually updating the algorithm to penalize websites that “cheat” their way to higher positions. This is done by identifying the very techniques that cause rankings increases, and scanning the web looking for websites that are purposefully exploiting them. This does not mean that SEO itself is against Google’s terms of service, it means that utilizing methods that are only designed to cause higher rankings is frowned upon. Google wants your website to be the source of the best quality of information on the subject that you specialize in, and that is the philosophy that they use to decide who ranks higher and who ranks lower. Their idea is that a website that is designed to provide the best information on a subject will naturally evolve to the point of being recognized by the algorithm elements as better than everyone else for that subject, and attempting to manipulate the process is putting the desire for rankings over the quality of the information. Although it is rare that this goal is actually accomplished, Google sticks to the idea that the best will naturally float to the surface. It is the job of the SEO company to manipulate the elements that are known to influence rankings in a way that will provide a natural (but accelerated) rise to the top. Misuse of any of these elements can trigger flags that are used by Google to penalize websites, and ultimately the misuse of SEO triggers to get a site ranked quickly will generally destroy future rankings, sometimes permanently. Focus Internet Services has made it a policy for the last eight years of service to not risk the future rankings of a website in order to attain short-term positions. Our goals for our clients are always the long-term rankings increases that do not fluctuate with algorithm updates or penalty sweeps. Since Google wants us to provide the best quality of information in order to naturally rank in a good position, that is exactly what we do for our clients. The results are consistent, long-term growth patterns. They are proven techniques that see the same results year after year, and are never subject to Google penalties.

The following is the SEO Procedure used by Focus Internet Services:

Step one:

We discuss our project with you, determine if the website itself is structurally favorable for rankings or if it needs to be improved or redesigned in order to get better results. If it needs to be redesigned, we provide that redesign as either part of the project or as a standalone service. Our websites are designed to be pleasing for customers and clean, and additionally are designed to use an SEO program effectively in order to gain rankings. We determine the types of terms that you want to rank on Google and other search engines for, and assess the competition within the space either locally or nationally. SEO is specifically about outranking the competition, so the level of your program is absolutely tied to the level of your competition. If others are doing more and better work on their websites than you are, we need to match and exceed that level of work in order to outrank them. There are no tricks that will accomplish this goal long-term, so our first step is realistically assessing the needs of the program in order to provide rankings.

Step two:

Establish the budget and the keyword target list. Each phrase that you are attempting to rank for is unique in it’s scope. There is different competition for each term, and although many of the same sites will be within the same pools of general subjects, it is different pages within the websites and different SEO triggers that are causing each position to happen. This means that there is a completely different competition level for each phrase that you desire to rank for, and each phrase will take a certain amount of dedicated work. The work that is done targeting each phrase is divided into a specific amount of monthly hours that will be necessary to achieve rankings over time(this is speculative, as nobody can predict exactly what the competition will do during this time to influence their own rankings.) The budget that is established allows for a specific amount of work hours to be booked each month, and the amount of work that is dedicated for each term comes out of this total budget. This means that if you desire to rank for 5 terms and 3 of them are not very competitive, then we will dedicate more hours toward the more competitive terms each month.

Step three:

Fix the website. The first month the very first thing we do is a complete audit of the existing website content. It is then modified and improved to be functional for our project. This will include rewriting and restructuring website content, redoing titles and descriptions, and potentially reworking the navigation structure of the site itself.

Step four:

Provide the work each month. SEO is the process of proving to Google that the information on your website is better than on your competitor’s websites with regards to the specific subject you are targeting. In order to accomplish this goal we must simulate the aspects that Google believes are universal amongst good websites, specifically that they are continually providing new content in written form on the subject for their viewers. You may have heard that SEO is now considered a “content development strategy.” This is correct, and it is the specific strategy we utilize to develop rankings. We provide a specific amount of pieces of written content on the target subjects each month that are approved by you and then distributed to the website or associated, linked online spaces. We develop the authority on the subject in Google’s eyes by providing good quality content on the subject, written by professional writers who are trained in the methods that Google uses to determine the subject of a content piece. This means using specific terms, comparative terms, wrapping text and placements, body copy, titles and descriptions in the correct methods. It also involves strategically linking this content to other content on the site and within linked properties.

Step five:

Distribute the information. Many SEO companies will discuss “inbound link building” as part of the program. While it is not untrue that links are a crucial element to rankings, the types of links that are created is crucial to success, and also crucial to avoiding penalties. When SEO companies guarantee you a specific amount of inbound links to your site each month, the only way this is possible is if they are using an automated linking system and building links on websites that allow for this type of automated placement. These links not only have no value to rankings, but additionally may be illustrating a pattern to Google that can cause your website to be penalized if it is noticed. Not only are many types of links not helping your rankings (even though it makes the SEO company look good when they provide the spreadsheet of the work they have done) but they may be harming you. Our strategy for developing inbound links is to simulate the natural patterns that Google looks for. We create the content, then we tell people about it through a process of social bookmarking, social media posting, email contacts to related websites, article distribution and online PR. We do not purchase or even solicit links, instead we let them come to us. Our process is to let them know the content exists, then let them link to us if they want to. It is proven that a few good links from good websites are worth more than thousands of bad ones.

Step six:

Analyze and re-analyze. Every month we provide a report on where the targeted terms rank compared to where they ranked last month. From this report, we re-assess each month how much time must be spent targeting each term in the project. This way, we are never doing work that is not necessary to maintain rankings, and instead are allocating our time towards work that needs to be done. This is why our clients see ongoing increases in traffic over years, because as we achieve the desired rankings for one term, we then move on towards targeting new terms, doing only enough work for the successful term as necessary to maintain the position. Through this process, we continually expand the amount of people finding the website for genres of business, instead of only for a few terms.

Our SEO process has proven itself to be successful time and time again for nearly every client we have ever had. During the times when algorithm changes destroy the rankings of some businesses, our clients thrive and actually improve due to the cleaning out of the space. Our results are consistent, and our clients are successful. Contact us today to discuss your next project.


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