RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym

RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym is a new Las Vegas company that offers mobile dog exercise. This is accomplished using treadmills that are in the back of a climate controlled van, which travels to customer locations. This exercise is critical to the health and well being of the dogs, who notoriously do not get enough exercise in hot climates like Las Vegas. Most dogs in general do not get enough exercise due to their owner’s busy schedules, but in Las Vegas it is an especially big problem.

RUN DAWG faced several unique challenges, in addition to being a brand new business that had no presence. They also faced several misconceptions within their industry itself. First is the misconception that they are dog walkers, who travel to locations and walk the dog on leashes either in a group or individually. Second they faced the issue that treadmill exercise for dogs is generally misunderstood by the public, who make a negative association with dog fighting. Unfortunately, these issues make the message difficult to get out effectively because the stigma of the misperceptions cloud the message of a convenient service that is beneficial to dogs. The message needed to not only change people’s minds as far as the service itself, but also convey that it is both convenient and good for the dog.

RUN DAWG services Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin local areas, and travels to the customer location to provide the service

Our first task was to create a brand message and logo that could translate to a van wrap, as this van would be seen all over Las Vegas when customers were being services. The branding needed to be eye-catching and easily understood as pertaining to dogs, while also not being too aggressive so as to be negatively associated with the dog fighters. The result was a logo and color scheme that is instantly identified as well as easy to remember. The wrap itself made the very van where work was performed into a billboard that would attract customers to ask questions, take pictures and easily remember the logo.

RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym
RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym

The logo that was created for this purpose as well as additional branding was specifically designed to be enjoyed by the general public, instead of the hard core dog trainers and agility experts. While this type of training had been around for many years, it had never been brought to the masses the way RUN DAWG wanted to. For this reason, a fun and colorful logo was created that would not put off the “less hard core” people.

RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym

The next stage was developing a brand message. This was accomplished using the exercise program itself, where RUN DAWG had developed a training method that was unique. Using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) methods that person trainers use for humans, RUN DAWG adapted this form of training for dogs so as to simulate their natural methods of exercising in the wild. With short bursts of intense energy followed by longer rest periods while still moving, HIIT training for dogs is only effective when using non-motorized treadmills. Imagery was created to illustrate the use of the equipment, and public relations outreach was done to place the business on every major news channel in Las Vegas.

Mobile Dog Gym Exercise
Mobile Dog Gym Las Vegas
Dog on treadmill
Dog treadmill workout

Through social media outreach on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter, RUN DAWG remained as a source of both fun and information on dog conditioning, exercise and behavior. Posts integrated with one another, pushing each platform with others as well as leading back to onsite dog exercise blog posts where expanded information could be had.

The result is a business that not only launched from an idea within only a few months, but one that is growing significantly within the first 4. Predictions were that the potential for expansion might come within 1.5 years, and it has presented itself within the first six. The campaigns are ongoing, and the reach grows every day.

RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym: Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin NV 702-857-5755.