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We are the oldest and most trusted Las Vegas SEO.  We are local, and our corporate office is located at 10329 Grizzly Forest Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89178. We can be reached for a free consultation regarding your SEO project at 702-767-4637. Companies can benefit from marketing by a local Las Vegas Company or local Las Vegas website design service due to our ability to conduct in person meetings as well as our specific knowledge of the Las Vegas area.

Why Use Us As Your Search Engine Optimization Company?

SEO is a process. Because you probably landed on this page by searching for a term (aka keyterm or keyword) in Google, probably something like: “las vegas seo“, “las vegas seo company“, “best seo companies in las vegas” “seo services” (we rank for every one of these.)

Obviously if we can get rankings for our own website in the single most competitive SEO space for Las Vegas, then we can do the same for your business.

We know what we are doing we are ranked in the top results for Las Vegas SEO. Every one of these companies knows a strategy that gets rankings in Las Vegas, and there are millions of Google listings.

Our other target term is “web design las vegas” which has  312,000,000 resultsWe rank higher for phrases than web design phrases, naturally, but we are there too.


One of the questions that we are constantly asked is about the necessity of the best marketing agency that you hire to be local to the are that your business resides.  The majority of our customers are businesses in the Las Vegas area, but what we need to address is the actual reasons behind this majority.  Search engine optimization services are specific for a geographic area, but are actually universally the same with regards to the way they are achieved.  The real reasoning behind the majority of our business clients being located within the Las Vegas area is because we are able to meet with them in person, and have a more specific knowledge of the area than an seo firm from another state.  Our ability to relate to a business from the perspective of also being a local creates a more comfortable relationship from a trust sense….and they know where they can find us in person if they need to!

The majority of our meetings, reports and conversations still happen over the phone, through email or through online chats.  Even though the business that we are providing services for is located within a few miles of our office, we still communicate through these methods because there is really no reason beyond comfort to be physically present in their office during a meeting.  Once they understand that we are real people who live here, they gravitate toward the easiest methods of conversation (which happen to be the same methods that are available to businesses on the other side of the world.)  While we have clients form other countries, other states and all over the planet, we still find that the majority of our clients are located within twenty miles of our office just because it feels better for everyone.

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Can a professional digital marketing expert provide as good of service to a business located in another state as a local seo would for them to get search results? The answer is absolutely! When we are dedicated to a “local seo” campaign for a business that draws customers from a local community and nowhere else, our strategic efforts shift toward the local aspects of Google, Bing and Yahoo.  We place more emphasis on these aspects of online marketing than we would for an international business that services customers from all over the world and just happens to be located in a certain area.  When we concentrate on the local aspects of search engines, we are referring to maps listings, Google +, authorship standings, localized links, citations from local areas on review websites, and other specific tactics like content marketing that specify the local area that the business exists, in addition to the aspects of information that are contained on the website itself.  The matching of this information, as well as the using it in order to provide more easy to access information about business products and services for customers, creates the higher localized rankings within the city where the business is located.  The same business will not rank in other areas for the same general searches that are conducted from that other area, but that is fine because customers would not drive to you from that area anyway.  This is the strategic difference between “local search” and “national search.”

Being located physically here assists in the communication process that we maintain with other businesses which are also located here.  Everyone would rather meet in person, at least in the beginning, so that you know who you are dealing with and can get a sense of their demeanor as a person.  The professional services of search engine optimization that are provided through our business are applicable to any location, provided we change that target area from Las Vegas to the local area of the business.  Our city does have many interesting qualities that make it unique and challenging, however.  The fact that a search for Las Vegas entertainment” is going to yield results that are more specific to an international crowd than a local crowd means that we need to assess the methods used and strategically target in a way that other cities do not have to.  This makes us unique as a city and a business community….and at the end of the day this understanding is also what probably makes us a far better choice for a company when sourcing a Local SEO.

Why is rankings important to your business? That’s simple, because search is the determining factor that puts certain websites above others on search engines like Google.  The specific elements of internet marketing involve onsite content and keywords, as well as backlinks to the content.  The process can be summed up by these three things, and an understanding of how they work together is what causes one site to outrank another.  To explain, content creation on your website is the most important aspect of digital marketing in that you need to provide text and associated content on your site in order for Google to understand what your site is about.  Within that content is going to be keywords and associated comparison keywords.  What this means is that inside the content itself Google is finding certain words that it is assuming that your site is about based upon their use, proximity, volume, etc.  Google also understands that certain keywords are pretty much the same as other keywords, so the word “company” and “companies” is the same to them for the sake of content comparison.  From these keywords and content, Google develops an understanding of what you are trying to discuss, and understands what the content is about.  Google has no real way of knowing if your content is superior to other website’s content that is in the same genre, and therefor it relies on backlinks as the last part of the seo puzzle.  Backlinks are considered “votes” for the content being applicable to real people in that Google assumes that if someone is going to link to it from  their website, then it must be relevant.  However, once seo companies understood how important this was, they began exploiting schemes to build links to the content themselves, from creating other websites which specifically provide links, to purchasing links on high ranking websites.  Because the exploitation of linking schemes essentially caused websites that were lesser quality to outrank better quality sites, search engines had to come up with a verification system in order to judge the quality of the links coming in to a site, and essentially “judge” them.  What they implemented was a system that basically compares the structures of website and understands the tone of the content on that site in order to determine if it is a good link or a bad link.  If there are lots of links coming off of the page, then it is probably a bad link that is selling it’s space or attempting to boost rankings elsewhere using its own space.  If it says “buy links” anywhere on the page, then there is a good chance that the page is violating the terms by selling space.  If there is only thin content on the website, and very little has to do with the subject that it is linking to, then it is probably a bad link.  On the other hand, if the content is linked to from a website that is entirely about the subject, and is linked to by other websites about that subject, then it is probably a very good link.  If there is lots of content and almost no other outbound links from the page, it is probably a good link.  It is through this type of comparison that Google determines if the “votes” for your content are good or bad, and your positions on search results move in response to these comparisons up against the profiles of other websites.

SEO itself is summed up pretty well by Bluehost on this video:

In the video, search engine optimization is broken down into it’s components so that a typical business owner can understand what goes into ranking.  However there are updates to the landscape involving localization that are not addressed, simply because they are too new.  Keep in mind that Google is constantly evolving with regards to how it judges websites, and one of the aspects that they have realized is very important is that people searching for certain types of things are looking for the results to display local businesses near them.  That they basically do is try to figure out that if a person is searching for “Las Vegas seo services” and their ip address is within the Las Vegas area, then they probably want to see a list of marketing services from Las Vegas (us being one of those services!) In order for Google to understand the physical presence and location of your business, there are additional steps that the seo company must take in order to give more weight to the client website for localized search.  This involves getting a Google + page set up for the business, verifying it with a phone call or a post card, then developing the content on the page to reflect the tone of the content on the website.  It is kind of like a Facebook page for the business, only it is directly connected through a process.  Google can then look at the information flowing through the page on a daily basis, as well as comparing the people who follow the page and their interests, in order to figure out an even better understanding of the information presented.  Although there is not a crucial necessity to utilize a Google + profile as well as an authorship status, it is of a great assistance to the process, and will give you an edge in the local market.  This type of local seo is the difference between national brands and local brands, and you must establish which one you are in order to do effective seo in today’s landscape.

Our Pricing?

While you can find plenty of Las Vegas seo companies targeting Las Vegas in their own seo strategies due to the fact that there are many large businesses here (that they would love to have as customers,) we are a true Las Vegas agency with offices here in town.  Give us a call to discuss your project…we would be happy to come to your office and meet you in person today! For example, we were recently engaged by a Las Vegas artificial turf company to pick up where another Las Vegas SEO company had failed to get results.  They had been doing marketing for many years targeting the term “artificial turf Las Vegas” in an attempt to move the site up past position number 10.  The last company had been able to move the site from a very poor position to the front page, but was never able to get to anything higher than the bottom position.  Upon analysis of their strategy, we found that they were using a link building technique that seems valid, but actually doesn’t provide results.  They were writing a single article on artificial turf and embedding a link back to the site from it.  They took this same article and posted it on about 50 different websites every month, showing the client that there was 50 links built each month.  The problem was that Google views 49 of these links as duplicate content, and does not consider them.  You can check this by copying a few lines of text from an article and then pasting it into Google, what comes up in their results is what they recognize.  If more than one website containing that link is not being shown in the results, then all of those other links that were built  made it look like a lot of work was being done, but that work produces no results because Google is not considering them.  The strategy was much like ours would be, except for that one part of it.  Our strategy is to write a completely unique article for every link we attempt, instead of trying to re-use the same content on different sites.  That way, Google recognizes about 5 new links every month, instead of only one.  Our spreadsheet isn’t as impressive because it looks like we did not do as much work, but each article taking about an hour to write and distribute means we were actually working far more than they were.  There is no automation to our process, but it produces more links and therefore better rankings.  At the current time, the client site is slowly rising in the search field, and although the progress is slow because there has been so much duplication in the past, we are gaining better rankings where previously there was no movement.

As far as pricing for Las Vegas SEO programs, ours start at about $400 per month.  While there is no minimum budget that can get you some SEO work, we find that most businesses have a moderate level of competition that is going to require at least a few pieces of content and links to be developed each month.  If you do too little, then we see very slow progress, or possibly never see any improvement at all.  This is why we like to do at least 4 hours of work for even our smallest clients each month, and more if it is possible for our clients that are in more competitive spaces.  A typical SEO program price for a business that has a decent amount of competition will be around $1,000 per month, which will get 10 dedicated hours of work.  For these hours, we will generally be writing articles that will be placed on your website or on other websites that allow us to link back to yours.  These articles are at least 500 words long and are written by professional SEO writers located here in the United States.  We do not outsource our content creation to other countries like other companies do.  This content is then posted to the appropriate place, and then linked to through established social media bookmarking sites, in order to give them a little exposure.  These articles are interlinked using keyword phrases in specific ways and combinations that will allow for the information on the page to be connected to more primary pages of your website, ultimately pushing Google to understand that your entire website is an expert on this particular topic.  This is when Google pushes your site up in the rankings.  It is a slow and steady process that gains results over time.  These results will rarely be viewed as negative by Google, because they are all within the terms of service, and use no tricks to gain higher positions.

The best way to think of an SEO budget is in terms of how much work will be done in exchange for the money paid.  We try to develop each 500-word piece of content that we work with, post it and socially seed it within about an hour of time.  This means that 10 hours of work will usually generate 10 pieces of fully developed and distributed content within a month.  If there is a higher level of competition for a term, we probably will need more work.  If there is less competition, we may rank faster and then we can shift our focus to expanding to new target words and phrases in order to generate more traffic.  Ultimately, the success of the program relies on doing enough work to make Google believe that you are a better authority on a subject than everyone else.  There are no specifics that are set in stone, the amount of work that is necessary for your business is not going to be the same as for a different business, so it is far better for us to simply discuss your project with you and come to a budget and work load that will produce results, without trying to sell you on a specific package.

If you are just looking for some free advice, you can get some great info from Google themselves:

Put A Face To The Name

My name is Raymond Santopietro and I am both the owner and Lead Strategist of Big Bulldog SEO.  I started the business in 2008 in response to the need for legitimate SEO programs for clients, which were not being offered by any of the traditional advertising agencies here in Las Vegas.  They had all begun building websites as part of their client services, but none were offering the ongoing SEO tactics that were necessary in order to develop higher rankings. Most would include SEO in their proposals for website design, and even though they did a few basic things like titles and descriptions on the pages, they were not capable of executing a legitimate content development strategy for SEO, as they did not keep the staff of writers that could work on these types of projects ongoing. As a result of this lack of availability of services through the agencies, I started Big Bulldog SEO in order to execute SEO programs ongoing for clients who relied upon Google rankings for business development.

Over the years SEO has changed, and where there used to be more ability to influence rankings using link farms and blog networks, Google has evolved to the point where those strategies no longer produce results.  In order to gain and maintain rankings in 2018, you need to continually develop content both on your site and offsite that will convince Google that you are the authority on a subject.  As a result, they rank you in a high position for searches in that subject area. This is what we do for our clients, along with developing social media, testimonials and mentions, Google My Business listings and of course websites that are appropriately coded to provide good results.  All these things fit together into the SEO strategy that we utilize, the same strategy that has been providing rankings for our clients for years. I personally craft and review every client strategy each month, and make changes as Google changes. I do a good deal of the content writing, programming and web development and design myself as well. If there is more client work than I can personally handle, I oversee a handpicked group of writers and designers. We try to keep our staff as virtual as possible to keep costs low, but all writers and designers are located in the US, and are hand picked for their ability to execute my strategic goals. You will deal with me directly, and I will always answer my phone. I want to earn your business, and I want to prove to you that we are the best at SEO.

What To Expect From Las Vegas SEO

A common question that business owners will ask when considering hiring a SEO company is “what can I expect from a  rankings development program?’ Unfortunately, many businesses owners have unrealistic expectations for SEO because of the aggressive sales tactics that most SEO salesman use. Many SEO companies are not exactly honest with their clients, and ultimately are not providing a service that will result in achieving what was expected. They phrase things to appear as though it will be beneficial to the business, but after all is said and done many customers realize that they are not getting what they thought they would. A common SEO sales technique is to assure clients that they will be on the first page within a certain time frame, but not specifying the phrases or keywords that you are making this assurance about. You can find a relatively obscure and low competition version a phrase that seems to make sense for the business, and fulfill the contract by gaining first page rankings for that phrase. If it is low volume and low competition, it is not going to bring very much business but it will fulfill the promise they made to you. These kinds of tactics sour many business owners on SEO, when in reality they have just hired the wrong company. Our strategic plans target phrases that are important to the business, and which have viable traffic levels that will result in customers. We create our strategic plans and budgets based upon an hones expectation of the timeframes necessary to push a website up to the first page for these phrases. If you do not have the budget to have enough work done, we shrink the target list until we are allocating enough time to the phrases. We make sure everyone involved has a realistic expectation of growth rates and how long it will take to develop rankings. We reel that an honest approach is better than trying to land a short-term contract.

The average growth rate for a business is 2-3% year over year. You should be experiencing that without any additional efforts, just because more customers are realizing your business exists. This is why we try to deliver more than a 3% growth rate in the traffic to the website, and create our SEO programs to deliver at this rate. We show proof of our success in achieving this goal by providing screencaptures of real client’s analytics, provided by Google. We do not show screencaptures from years ago, all are within the last year and are current clients that we are working for. The initial expectations are that traffic will increase at a high rate within about six months of starting SEO, and then increase at a rate greater than 3% after that point. Our SEO programs are designed to grow traffic to a website over time by not only targeting single phrases, but also the variations of phrases that describe the things you sell. This way, we are always expanding the list of keywords and always growing the traffic to the business through search engines. Below are actual growth rates of our clients, compared year over year for the same time frame of January through July. These are real results, not promises or dreams pitched by a SEO salesman. If you think that more than a 3% growth rate in traffic to your business sounds good, call us to get a plan in place. We are currently accepting new clients in all markets.

How Does Our SEO strategy work?

One of the common questions that is asked of our business is how our SEO process works.  We attempt to keep our strategy relatively simple and easy to understand for the majority of people, as well as keeping our pricing easy to understand as well.  Too many SEO companies will simply charge you a specific amount of money and say that they are doing SEO.  This does not provide the client with an understanding of what they are paying for, and ultimately does not illustrate a specific process that can be judged as far as the amount of work that is being done.  We find that this is unfair to the clients, which is why we decided to make our process transparent so that it can be understood by anyone.  The process starts with a negotiation of how many hours will be worked in a month.  These hours will be able to be allocated towards the most important things that will influence rankings, and as a result the workload may look different from month to month depending on the needs.  For the most part, after the first few months have gone by the workload begins to become relatively standard, consisting mostly of content that is being created for positioning on the website wore off site for links.  This entire process that starts with an agreed upon amount of hours that are being worked each month.  Within that framework, a negotiated price per hour is agreed upon.  We then analyze the business and create a manageable list of phrases that would be important for rankings.  This list is targeted with the amount of hours necessary to achieve rankings over time, compared against the amount of competition for that specific term.  If it is agreed upon that a specific phrase is more important than another, that phrase will generally be targeted heavily.  If more work is needed because a competitive phrases desired, then more hours may be dedicated to the phrase than others.  After the list is created in the first month, we will move to a point where a website is either created from scratch or an existing website is manipulated in order to be the best code for search engines to read, as well as the best presentation of information for customers.  Sometimes a website that exists currently is no longer usable for these purposes, and we will make a suggestion to the client that the website you redesigned and relaunched.  There are also times when a full redesign of the website is not within a client’s budget, and at this point we will explain that while this might not be an ideal situation we do have the ability to make changes to the existing website that will make it more SEO friendly.  Each situation is different, and our goal is to achieve the best search engine optimization situation possible within the budgetary constraints of the client.

After this point, we move to the phase of content creation.  The website is divided into specific sections, with individual pages being created that will be the desired ranking page for a specific term or phrase.  Google respond more effectively to specific pages within a website as far as a topic that it does for the website as a whole, and this is why we create a specific page for each term that we are targeting.  This target page will have a significant amount of content about the subject within it.  All the content that is created is completely unique and written by United States based authors.  The idea is to create a page that has the most compelling and important information on a specific topic for a potential customer.  After this is completed, the pages than optimized using a specific process that will help Google to understand what the page is about.  The page is then spread through a series of links posted to social media spaces so as to the word out initially.  Rankings are generally a combination of Google’s assessment of the importance of the information on that page as well as the consideration of the amount of votes of confidence for that information and page.  Google considers other websites linking back to that page as a vote of confidence on that topic.  A link from another website shows that someone else has interpreted this page as important on that specific topic.  Google then considers our relative that particular link is to the topic, assessing the content on the page and a website that the link comes from.  If that website is also considered important for this topic, the link from our website is worth more than a website that is not considered important for that topic.  The easiest way to understand this is that if a website currently ranks for this particular search, then it went from that website to yours is going to help you rank for that particular search.  If the website does not rank for a particular search, then the link will have far less value towards pushing up our own rankings.  This is why it is important to consider that having huge volumes of links to your website is not necessarily going to be the answer to higher rankings.  Instead, it is the quality of the links that are coming into the website that are more important.  Our strategy is to create links are embedded into high quality contents and is unique and can written by United States authors, which are posted a to content marketing sites and other types of websites which will allow for content to be posted to them.  If there is enough room in the budget, we will also consider more diverse linking strategies that will explore ways to get content posted on two web sites which are not considered “article marketing.” These are far more difficult to achieve and will generally involve far more human interaction and negotiation than other strategies.  For each client we develop a working strategy that will evolve over time with the ultimate goal being top three presentation for as many of the targeted terms as possible.  As we achieve higher rankings for one term, we then move on to the next important term in the list.  Depending on the client, we may be working with as many as five phrases in a single month, and we may be working with as few as one.  This is the way that our strategy works, and it has been proven consistent over time to produce rankings without the penalties potential other SEO strategies involve.  Because we are working specifically within the terms of service of Google in order to present the best information possible, we run no risk of penalization as a result of algorithm changes.  While there are moves up and down based upon algorithm changes all the time, we had never seen a single instance of heavy penalties with any client throughout the entire history of our business.  Our strategies developed content that builds up over time, so it is rare that we will see large drops in the rankings have been developed.  If you would like more information on how our strategies work or how we might be able to help you rank higher on search engines in order to acquire new customers, contact us directly.  All consultations are free and without any obligation.  We will make it a point to tell you what it is that you need, instead of attempting to tell you what you want to hear in order to close a sale.  The majority of our customers stay with us for many years as opposed to only a few months.  This is because our strategies work and provide value to them.

Why you should invest in SEO during the slow times?

SEO is difficult for many people to understand who are not familiar with the way it works.  Although search engine optimization can easily be lumped into traditional advertising due to the fact that it exposes your business to potential customers who were interested in buying your products through a specific mechanism.  Just like you place an ad in a magazine in order to potentially attract the readers of that magazine to your business, the idea behind search engine optimization is to attract the potential customers who were searching for a specific product or service by been placed at the top of the search results that are returned.  Studies have shown that most customers will choose from the top five results that are returned to them by a search engine, and narrow the field by looking at the websites associated with those businesses.  Many people will only choose from the top result, meaning that if you are not on the first page of the results that are returned for the products that you were trying to sell, then you are not receiving any of the potential customer views for this medium, and if you are not in the top result and you are probably only receiving a small portion of those views at best.  Statistics show that by the time get past the sixth result that clickthrough rate is less than 1% of the total amount of search traffic.  Search engines provide a far better potential customer than any other form of marketing simply because people are proactively looking for this particular thing, as opposed to simply fitting into a specific demographic that may or may not be interested in this product.  It is very much like being in a group of businesses that all sell the same thing, and being positioned closest to the entrance when the customers come through the door.  For those that take search engine marketing seriously, being in the number one position is well worth the investment.  As long as there is a specific amount of search traffic for this term, in the profit margin of a sale will sustain the amount of money that must be spent in order to achieve that top result, then the SEO pays for itself in business.

Those that do not understand SEO and fully will think that it is the same kind of thing as paid search on the search engines.  This confusion comes from the fact that both paid results and organic results are presented on the same page when someone searches for something specific.  Paid results will generally produce about the same amount of clicks in traffic as well positioned in organic results, the difference being that in paid search you are buying a specific position for a specific amount of money.  Every time someone clicks on that ad and is transported your website, that amount of money comes out of your account.  Once the money has run out, the ad disappears and you are no longer presented in searches.  If there are more searches for that phrase done in a month then you have been able to pay for, then you are missing the potential traffic that would be presented if you would have continued to pay.  With regards to organic results, you are receiving all of the traffic that is generated by that search term every month as long as you maintain a position on the first page, simply because you are not paying per click but instead are simply being presented.  The amount of money that it is going to cost in order to achieve that first page result when you are using a professional SEO company will probably have a lot to do with the competitiveness of that term and how much general work needs to be done in order to create a situation where your website is viewed as being the top authority on this subject.

Search engines position the results at the top that they view as being of the biggest and best an authority on this topic.  The websites that present the best information to potential customers are the ones that will achieve these higher rankings than other websites that do not present information that is as important or relevant.  This is a difficult thing to accomplish, and ultimately is achieved through the presentation of ideas and information any text format on the website.  This is why you will see specific pages of a website ranking for different subjects.  Good SEO is based on dividing up the website into concepts, with individual pages representing the information for that concept.  If a person asks the question on a search engine, then that search engine will attempt to provide the answer to that question by weeding that person to the website page that has the answer as presented.  In general sales types of ideas, this question might be something like “who is the best ______ in Las Vegas” or some variation of that phrase.  The SEO company must figure out a method of presenting that answer in a way that is more convincing in every other business attempting to accomplish the same goal.  Rankings are not random, and you’ll never see completely different results every time you do the same search.  This is because the algorithm that decides what results are positioned where these utilizing the information on all the websites which have been indexed in order to answer this question.  Once the website has been recognized as having things that the algorithm is seeking, then it will begin to rank higher for that particular search phrase.  A professional SEO company understands how to present this information without also violating the rules of the search engine and the algorithm.  Cheap and easy ways to exploit the mechanics of the algorithm are constantly being minimized or completely negated by a search engine itself.  If you could achieve higher rankings by using the phrase over and over again in the past, the search engines realize this and began analyzing websites that engage in this practice.  Understanding what you can and cannot do in order to avoid penalties, as well as doing the things necessary to achieve higher rankings through more authority is the specialization of SEO companies.

In order to achieve higher rankings for the phrases that will ultimately be the ones that your customers are searching for, there are a few things that are the most important aspects, and a myriad of other things that are not as important. SEO is the process of utilizing your work time in a smart way in order to do the things that have the biggest impact with the time you have.  There will always be additional things that you can do, but ultimately if you are spending time doing the things that do not have the greatest impact you will find that the rankings do not move.  This can be very frustrating for people who are attempting to do SEO on their own, because they are doing everything correct but are not seeing the results they expected.  Additionally, if you are in a competitive space you can assure yourself that there are professionals working on the websites which are competing with yours.  Once again you may find yourself doing a significant amount of work that is all correct and yet never moving up in the rankings because the other websites are doing it better.  All rankings are a competition between yourself and the other websites presenting the same information, and if you are not doing as much work as they are then chances are you will not move up.  The main types of work that will achieve the highest impact is the creation of content on a specific topic and the generation of links into the website.  Search engines understand links as the votes of confidence about a website.  If information on the topic is being presented on one website that links back to another web site, the search engine understands that website to be a more important source of information on that topic.  It works very much like a referral to a specialist, with the specialist being trusted as the ultimate authority.  All of the links that comeback two a specific page of a website from other websites that are discussing this topic are votes of confidence that will help to push the rankings higher.  The way to generate trusted links is to generate content on this topic and then provide links back to your website from them.  Content on the topic should be positioned on your website, and other content on this topic should link back to your website from elsewhere.  This is the basic premise of SEO that will provide the most benefit.  Other types of actions like the correct types of title tags and descriptions as well as filling in information on the page that has to do with this topic will help, but will not be as impactful as content creation will.

SEO companies are now content creation companies, and while there are still plenty of companies that are attempting to sell SEO services that do not to involve the creation of content, generally these companies will not produce high results that are expected.  Just because a SEO company has a lot of customers does not necessarily mean that it is providing good results.  They may simply have a large sales team that continually generates new leads and customers to replace those that dropped off.  It will usually take the customer a few months to realize that they are not getting the types of results that they expected, ultimately leading to a continual process of new customers replacing old customers that are not satisfied.  On the surface it may look like a company does good work simply because they have a lot of customers, but this can just be a good sales process and not actually a gauge of the value of the services that are being produced.  Content is difficult to develop and takes a specialized title writer to understand how it needs to be done, which is difficult for many large companies to offer as a service.

So why should you invest in SEO during the slow times.  The answer is based in the fact that the search engine must find that content that has been developed as well as the links, and then go through the process of attributing them to your website.  We will generally think of that content that was produced upwards of 30 days ago being that content that is having the impact that we’re seeing today.  Is a significant amount of new content is needed in order to push up rankings, it needs to be done over time in order to not here to the search engine as though it is simply being done to rank high.  Search engines want web sites to be invested in providing good quality, and not so concerned about outranking each other.  Once the website has been identified as participating in the kinds of practices that are designed solely for gaining higher rankings, those websites will be penalized and pushed down.  This is why it is not a good idea to generate a huge amount of content and links all at once and then never generate that level again.  It provides the look of a website that is only trying to gain higher rankings, and ultimately these types of penalizations can impact how much value the content has.  This is why we will always suggest that if you are trying to develop higher rankings for a busy season in the future, you do not attempt to accomplish the SEO the right thing for that point.  Is going to take some time to get there, and if you are interested in not only getting a position but also keeping it, is going to be important to always be in good standing with the search engine.

Slow times are the best times to work on SEO.  Generally all businesses of a certain type are going to have the same types of busy seasons and slow seasons, and the times when everyone else is cutting back on their efforts are the ideal times for you to achieve higher positions that are harder for the competition to push down.  The smaller the pool of competitors, the better you will do in any business, and SEO is the same.  Whenever they are cutting back on their efforts, the smart businesses are allocating extra effort in order to plan for the future.


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