A local business owner decided that they wanted to shift the type of business they typically did in Las Vegas once Covid had been creating difficulties. They took their PPP money and started a spinoff business called RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym. This is a new business concept where dogs are exercised on treadmills in the back of a mobile unit that goes to customer locations. This gives them the ability to provide the exercise that the dog needs in any weather conditions, as well as during the times when the owners cannot take them to a park or open field and let them run off leash. Only through running at high speeds are dogs able to get the true exercise they need, and educating the public on this fact was difficult. Most people believe that their dog only needs a periodic walk around the block, and RUN DAWG needed to change that perception.

Focus Internet Services met with the ownership of RUN DAWG in order to fully flush out the business concept and devise a marketing and PR plan. It was decided that bookings would happen through the website, so functionality as well as a clean and convincing, professional website was needed. In addition to the website, all social media channels and public dialog needed to be set up and handled. This included Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. These channels were built and managed in order to gain exposure. Media attention was also gained through outreach to outlets.

The van was wrapped in the branding and logo that we created, and all aspects of brand management were worked out. Focus assisted RUN DAWG in the complete creation of a fun and functional working brand from concept all the way through to fruition. Look for them on the road in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin NV.