Law Firm Marketing

Law firm marketing is a specialization within the advertising world that is generally defined by intense competition.  In cities over 750,000 in population, we will generally find an enormous amount of lawyers to choose from, each with their own specializations but generally falling into a few major areas of practice.  Far and away, and most competitive of all the spaces is personal injury law, probably due to the fact that even a single case has the ability to net hundreds of millions of dollars for both the client and for the firm.  Because of the amounts of profit that are available to be had, law firms are unbelievably competitive with regards to their marketing.  Gone are the days when you secured legal representation based upon references from friends and family, and what we find is that in the modern age people who use the internet, television and radio to make a decision as far as which a lawyer to hire.  With television and radio advertising being incredibly expensive to run with the proximity to be necessary to actually create top of mind status with regards to the public, many firms turn to the internet as a viable alternative to at least getting a portion of the traffic.  When you put up a billboard, you enter an incredibly competitive space which relies upon creativity to stand out from the crowd.  When you use television and radio, most attorneys will rely upon jingles or the same tactics that are used by car dealerships to create ads that are louder than the competition.  These ads take the shape that they do because of the space that they are presented within, ultimately attempting to stand out to a generic crowd, being sandwiched in between businesses of all types.  Luckily, the Internet provides an ability to market both to a generic crowd and also to a very specific one that is looking for your services.

Law Firm Marketing

Our law firm marketing company specializes in Internet Marketing for all types of businesses, with lawyer marketing as one of our niche specialties.  Our main tactics that are used to promote our law firm clients are web development and website design, search engine optimization (SEO,) paid search marketing and social media.  All of these may seem like very different practices, but ultimately they all feed one another in different ways in order to create a wider exposure for your law firm.  Having a website that is appropriately designed to convert interested people into customers is the starting point, using visually appealing graphics and information that leads customers to the contact page.  And in a social media presence on all available services is necessary, with ongoing posting and development happening within the most appropriate ones for your customer base.  Paid search marketing can drive customers through both search engines and social media spaces to your website, and search engine optimization can capture the unique customer that is specifically looking for you at this particular time.  The thing that separates Internet Marketing in many respects from traditional marketing is that appropriate Internet Marketing positions your website in the field of view of people who are actually looking for it right now, as opposed to traditional marketing which relies upon them remembering you in the future when they need you.  Through search engines, that the only firms who receive benefits from their positioning are the ones on the first page, with the lion’s share of that traffic going to the top few results.  Only search engine optimization can provide these positions within competitive markets, which is why law firm marketing companies like ours were specialize in Internet Marketing or your best weapon against the competition.  Contact us today to find out more about our law firm marketing techniques and campaigns.


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