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Is A SEO Company Worth It? That Depends.

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Is A SEO Company Worth It? That Depends.

Hiring an SEO company to attempt to increase your rankings is a stressful procedure that probably is misunderstood by many. The thought of paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to a company with no assurance that it will pay off is a difficult decision to make, but understanding the process can help to make good choices when hiring an SEO company to work for you. Ultimately, the value of the SEO work they provide is going to be determined by the competitiveness of your industry, the amount of people that need to come to your website to convert into a customer, and the average profit associated with a new customer.  If it takes 100 people to visit your website to convert into a single customer, and that customer is generally worth 50 dollars, then you need 1,000 people visiting the website to make 100 dollars. Each phrase that you rank on the first page for will provide some clickthroughs to your site, and generally the higher you are on the page will double the number of clickthroughs until you are in the number 1 position. That position is usually worth about 50% of the total amount of searches on Google in a month, and you can find that information in the Google Ads center by creating an account and using the research tools. Look at how much traffic you can expect high positions to push, divide that by the number of customers it takes to convert into a sale, and do the numbers to find out if SEO is worth it for you. Bear in mind that you are going to get traffic for related phrases as well as the target phrase, so the numbers will actually be better than you expect when you look at the value of a single phrase.


The amount of competition in an industry will usually dictate how much work is necessary to gain a good position for a phrase. A highly competitive industry like personal injury law is going to be harder to rank for than an industry with only a few players. Personal injury law can generate millions of dollars in profit from a single customer, so SEO can we well worth it as long as the campaign is successful. You are going to need to pay attention to the progress of the campaign in order to determine if the quality of the SEO work is on par with what is necessary to overtake the competition, as well as if there is enough work being done. If the budget is not providing enough work, then you will not overtake the competition and it will not be worth it. If the SEO company hires cheap employees who do not generate the quality of content that will make you be viewed as the leader in your field, it will not be worth it. All rankings in 2020 are dictated by the quality of the information being presented on the website, so you need to understand that you are hiring a company to present you as the best. If someone else is doing a better job, you will not outrank them.


After you hire your SEO company, you need to watch the upwards progress in rankings in order to understand if the program is working. SEO takes time, but you will not move from the 10th page to the first page overnight, even after 6 months. You should see a continual progression upwards in rankings, from the point you were when they started and up a few pages every month. If it is not happening fast enough for you, the campaign may be underfunded and they need to do more work. If it isn’t happening at all, you may need to find a new SEO company. Cheap SEO work has no value at all, because it will not provide the rankings that bring in customers. Your competition is all on the first page, and if you are not progressing toward that first page every month then it is time to question the campaign and the work being done.

All of these factors come into play with regards to SEO being worth it. If you can see the progress leading to a first page ranking within an acceptable period of time and that ranking will provide enough clickthrough traffic to pay for the campaign, then it is worth it. Anything over and above breaking even is a bonus.

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