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Can I Do My Own SEO?

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Can I Do My Own SEO?

A commonly asked question online is if you can do your own SEO for your business. The answer is “yes” as long as you have the time and dedication to learning and understanding the process, as well as putting in the work necessary to accomplish the goal. It is very much the same as a person asking if you can fix a pipe in your house yourself. A trip to Home Depot can get you the tools and parts and watching a few videos can give you the understanding of the process. You will have to spend a few hours doing the work and you will have successfully fixed your pipe, but this does not make you a plumber. A plumber is a person who goes out and fixes pipes every day, and in order to do your own SEO you will need to fix that pipe over and over again, every few days until the job is done. SEO is not a “one-time” process where you change a few things on a website and immediately outrank your competitors. Instead, it is the process of creating a trust from Google that you are the authority on a topic. That trust level is built over time, by providing information to the potential customers in your area. That information must be well presented on your website, and it must be better than everyone else’s information. Through the process of crafting information for website presentation over time that answers a wide variety of questions from your customers, Google will begin to see your site as the authority on a topic. This is the process of SEO in 2020 and beyond.

So why couldn’t you do SEO yourself? The answer is there is nothing stopping you from engaging in the process, just the same way as there is nothing stopping you from defending yourself in court. The reason people hire a lawyer is because the stakes are high and you might go to jail if you don’t do it correctly yourself. Think about SEO in the same way, there are thousands of customers looking for businesses like yours to patronize and spend their money within. Because the amount of customers that you get from Google specifically has to do with your position on the page when someone searches for a business like yours, all of your competition is trying to accomplish the same goal as you. If you outrank them, you are taking customers and money away from their business, so you can rest assured that they are not going to trust that process to someone with no experience. The only businesses that get any customers are on page one, which means that everyone else is getting nothing from the efforts they have put in. If you decide to try SEO yourself and you write 100 articles that take an hour to do each, thats 100 hours of your life that has been wasted if it does not get you to page one. There is a good possibility if your industry is competitive that you need that 100 articles every few months, meaning that you are spending 100 hours of your life every 3 months or so for the rest of the time you are in business. You have essentially given yourself a second part-time job hoping that you get paid for your efforts. Because you are not as good at the process as a professional, there is a very strong possibility that no matter how much you do you will never get to page one. The competition is taking it seriously, so why would you think you can compete with professionals? You can put up a billboard on a deserted road just to say you have a billboard. If nobody sees it you wasted your money.

The process of SEO involves creating written content that answers questions and provides high quality information to potential customers. In a nutshell, your information on this topic needs to be better than everyone else’s information on the same topic in order to outrank them. You also need your information to be presented in a clean and easy to understand format, which is the basics of “on-site” SEO structuring. The format within which the information is presented is only a small piece of the puzzle, and the information itself is the real key to rankings. Create content on individual pages of your website that answers questions that people have on your topic. Make each of them at least 500 words long and write as much as necessary to cover the topic completely. Do not worry about using specific keywords a certain number of times, as Google understands that natural writing is more important than keywords. Post often to your website, and also to other websites that will allow you to link back to yours. This is the process of SEO, and it will generate results over time if you stick with it. There is no assurance that you wil outrank your competition that is taking it seriously on page one, but you will probably get some improvements.

Raymond Santopietro

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